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What's Interesting

Any specialty coffee lover must have their first encounter drinking specialty coffee. Rumor said once you tried specialty coffee it is very hard to go back to daily commercial coffee. We kind of agree with that statement after had Aricha coffee. Located in Yirgacheffe which one of popular coffee producing region, Aricha inherited good quality of complex flavors. Fresh crop 2020 Aricha has interesting prominent kiwi and strawberry. Well balanced cup with cacao nibs finishing. Aricha is definitely Ethiopian coffee lover crowd pleaser and never failed to make us fall in love again with Ethiopian coffee.

Roaster Notes

Welcome back, it always good to see such a familiar coffee like Aricha back into Arkib Kopi offering. This coffee is really suitable for coffee lover who are new to specialty coffee. The coffee has high flavors clarity which is good to let you to experience difference between specialty coffee and commercial coffee. Most of our Ethiopian coffee will be roasted at medium roast since we love a balance cup coffee flavors. But for Aricha I prefer to roast it light because I'm craving for nippy kiwi taste. I would recommend to use slow pour or pulse pouring style to brewing light roast coffee. Medium or medium coarse grind size is a good setting if you want to highlight juiciness of Aricha coffee.

- Helmi -