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What's Interesting

We love traceable coffee, especially from Ethiopia. It feels different connection when you are brewing a coffee that you know who is the producer behind it. This round we have fabulous coffee from Bisrat Melaku. In Ethiopia some of farmers inherited coffee farm from their family and Bisrat Melaku is no exceptional to this custom. Grown in coffee farmer family, he has been into coffee world since young age. Helping to harvest coffee, taking care of farm, accompany his grandparent sending coffee cherries to local buyer, he is one of the kind born to be a great coffee farmer.

This particular Guji coffee is definitely a benchmark for excellent fully washed Ethiopian coffee. Clean bright and vibrant taste, it is signature of fine processed fully washed coffee. Bisrat washing station has cement fermentation tanks, a six disk pulper, and 150 drying beds. Fermentation will usually take from 36hours up to 48 hours while drying phase will take around 7 to 21 days. It is an ideal coffee farmer model to producer specialty coffee.

Roaster Notes

I think we have too much natural coffee, well can't go wrong when I'm myself is a natural coffee fan boy. But sometime during rainy day i just want have laid back coffee, not too intense, moderate flavors and enjoyable to drink many times. Bisrat Melaku is everything I like about fully washed coffee. Bright citrus acidity, floral, soft tone fruits flavors like lemon-tea and aromatic aftertaste. I rarely take time when drinking coffee since I'm busy handling coffee order and roasting. But this coffee take me taking off from my 'daily wheel' and let me enjoy human life for a second. Easy to roast, easy to brew and comfortable to drink. Bisrat Melaku definitely is my no.1 coffee choice for a fully washed coffee.

- Helmi -