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What's Interesting

First coffee that our head roaster used in his national brewing competition back in 2016 was from Hambela region. We still remember back then Hambela just make a 'debut' into specialty coffee drinker. Intense berries notes like strawberry, blueberry, huckleberry and sometime mulberry separate Hambela coffee from other region. The berries taste clean without any bad or sour natural fermentation. We are so happy to have back Hambela coffee from Buku Sayisa dry mill. This fastantic coffee was produced by head processor Esaya Beriso and 430 smallholder farmer from Buku Sayisa Village. 

Roaster Notes

Buku Sayisa is fantastic natural coffee and i choose to roast it at medium roast to bring out berries notes. With medium roast i recommend to let it rest for 3-4 days before start brewing. Use medium coarse grind size with moderate pouring speed if you are chasing that 'golden' cup.

- Helmi -