<center>ETHIOPIA</br>DANBI UDDO</center>


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What's Interesting

As a coffee roaster, it always good to bring back any good coffee that we had in the past. One of it is Ethiopia Danbi Uddo Fully Washed. This year offering we are having Danbi Uddo natural process. Shakisso known for high and consistent quality coffee region and we are really happy when sample fresh crop Danbi Uddo coffee. Especially when coffee like come from big name like Testi PLC Trading company. This company has high tech processing plantation that really improve their production quality. Looking at Danbi Uddo green and first crack sample roast, we know we got a good natural coffee. This one gonna be berries notes all the way until your final sip.

Roaster Notes

How about berries taste with a little twist or herbs flavor like anise ? Here you go, a fine classic Ethiopian natural coffee. Most of coffee drinker already get used to clean and fruity Ethiopian coffee. But back in the day, Ethiopian coffee favored by European or Japanese coffee drinker for it berries and herbs flavors. Danbi Uddo still inherited this quality which make me happy to know we can still enjoy classic Ethiopian flavors. Anise aroma and flavors is quite moderate but you taste or sense the presence either as coffee ground of brewed coffee. The coffee sweetness taste like strawberry and blueberry with creamy vanilla texture. Love Shakisso! Especially classic flavor coffee.

- Helmi -