<center>ETHIOPIA</br>DEGELO ETHIOPIAN CUP </br> 2019 #2</center>

2019 #2

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What's Interesting

Long before 2020 Cup of Excellent (COE) competition being held in Ethiopia, there was national competition called Ethiopian Cup organized by Trabocca traders and Ethiopia local coffee producer. Through this competition lots of outstanding coffee has merged to the surface and get international coffee buyer attention. This excellent coffee come from Samuel Degelo who is a teacher in primary school and also young generation of Ethiopian coffee farmer. Grown in Bishan Dimo area, Samuel raised by his parent to love and have a respect of growing coffee. This particular lot processed separately by Bishan Dimo washing station and exported as single farmer coffee. It is our dream to offer a traceable coffee like Samuel Degelo coffee. Expect floral and juicy fully washed coffee that remind us of peach and apricot flavors. Definitely our favorite cup of coffee to end our long working day.

Roaster Notes

Ethiopia fully washed 2020 crop has surprised us with a better quality coffee. Traditional fully washed Ethiopia coffee usually is a monotone coffee where it could be just clean and lean toward tea flavors. But Samuel Degelo coffee is just a perfect example to show how a good fully Washed Ethiopia coffee could taste. Juicy and silky coffee with peach, goji berries and apricot flavors give you another side of stone fruits coffee flavors. Medium roast with coarser grind size is a perfect combination of balance cup for Samuel coffee. Fully washed usually is a bit dense than natural. I would recommend brewing after 6-8 days rest period for better flavors clarity.

- Helmi -