<center>ETHIOPIA</br>DUWANCHO GOLDEN BEAN AWARD</br>2019 #1</center>

2019 #1

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What's Interesting

Another gem from Daya Bensa coffe producer, microlot Duwancho come from Keramo village in Bensa. This coffee has won 1st place Gold Bean Awards 2019 where it is a competition for North America coffee roaster to showcase their best coffee. This particular coffee also come from the same lot that won Ethiopia COE 2020 1st place. On the top of being an excellent coffee, this micro lot coffee also an organic coffee which it has been produced without using any pesticide at farm. We have been wondering maybe it is the answer why Duwancho natural process coffee able to preserve mother nature 'natural' sweetness.ocess coffee able to preserve mother nature 'natural' sweetness.

Roaster Notes

This round I bought few winning competition coffee and start to see sort of pattern from all of these winning coffee. Usually the coffee has clean, bright and complex acidity. But what really separate it from common Ethiopia coffee are texture and mouth feel. Winning coffee usually has round, creamy and silky texture. The mouth feel will be quite rounded and velvety which compliment to complex acidity. Duwancho coffee is a good example to showcase this perfect quality combination. Juicy pineapple taste with chewy body make this coffee taste so refreshing and enjoyable to drink. I recommend to use either Hario V60 or Origami for structured flavors cup.

- Helmi -