<center>ETHIOPIA</br>GERSI ETHIOPIAN CUP </br> 2019 #1</center>

2019 #1

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What's Interesting

Long before 2020 Cup of Excellent (COE) competition being held in Ethiopia, there was national competition called Ethiopian Cup organized by Trabocca traders and Ethiopia local coffee producer. Through this competition lots of outstanding coffee has merged to the surface and get international coffee buyer attention. This small lot from Gersi smallholder farmers in Aricha won 2019 Ethiopian Cup 2019 first place. If you are die hard fan of Ethiopia coffee you definitely recognize Aricha as fantastic coffee. Arkib Kopi is truly happy to share experience of competition level coffee to our fan. Expect dominant berries and sweet syrupy coffee from an excellent fully washed coffee.

Roaster Notes

As coffee roaster I'm die hard fan of Trabocca traders work at origin. They are really skillful and expert coffee trader in Ethiopia coffee and i always amazed by their offering. We are very lucky to get coffee from the same place that won 1st place in Ethiopian Cup 2019. I roasted it at medium light roast to create balance between berries flavors and syrupy sweetness. I recommend to use multiple 3-4 pouring step to increase viscosity brewed coffee.

- Helmi -