<center>ETHIOPIA</br>GOMORO ANAEROBIC</center>


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What's Interesting

We know in general natural Ethiopia coffee taste amazing and we wonder what if we take this ancient process to a new level. What if we do anaerobic process? This question has been in our mind for some time and as soon we heard Gomoro Anaerobic available we not waste any second to purchase this coffee. Anaerobic process has been the latest trend in coffee producer country. Anaerobic is a zero oxygen fermentation process where all coffee cherries will put in vacuum chamber or barrel. The cherries will slowly release carbon dioxide during fermentation and eventually will create fully sealed vacuum chamber. This will create perfect environment for micro bacteria activity during fermentation process. The result better coffee quality and higher flavors clarity

Roaster Notes

Finally, dream come true. Gomora Anaerobic blown my mind with prominent passion fruit flavor. Fruity, complex tropical fruits and delicate texture make this coffee live up to anaerobic quality reputation. On brewing, i also taste fig flavor which a common sign of top quality coffee flavor. I prefer to roast this coffee at light roast level to preserve the high quality flavors. We recommend letting the coffee rest for 7-10 days before you start brewing. Light roast usually has dense cell structure which require more time to degas.

- Helmi -