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What's Interesting

Let's celebrate the effort of producing excellent coffee. Geisha Village just another crazy story of individuals who are simply love coffee and have interesting idea of how coffee farm should work in order to produce top specialty coffee. William Boot from San Francisco Bay Area coffee educator and Rachael Samuel are 2 key figures in making this coffee estate happen. Back in 2007 when Racheal involved in documentary making Ethiopia specialty coffee documentary, she met William and throughout the course their conversation more oriented on Geisha varietal.

This led to their journey to find a suitable area in Ethiopia to start Geisha village. Final location need to tick few boxes such ample rain, high altitude, suitable climate etc. to grow Geisha coffee. They finally decided to start the coffee farm in Bench Maji zone and using coffee seed from Gori Geisha forest, which is variety and birthplace and site of Panamanian Geisha discovery in 1930.

Roaster Notes

Geisha Village is a household in Geisha coffee scene. I remember to read an article mentioned they restructured the coffee farm landscape to ensure  coffee tree grow under the shade tree which reduce stress from direct sunlight. They also select certain plant to plant around the coffee tree which help to provide natural nutrients to coffee tree. This scenario kind of similar to what 90 plus did in early days before they start to plant the coffee trees. What we can say from our experience, farm management is one of the critical aspect in producing outstanding coffee. Great coffee does not come by accident. The coffee farmers must know their terroir and design growing environment to ensure the coffee tree deliver desired result. This is far more complex than fermentation process since it required close monitoring all year around. Plus growing Geisha is very high risk bet since it produce less coffee cherries than normal coffee tree. It also required more care with proper fertilization and pruning to keep it grow healthy. That's what make Geisha is so valuable in coffee market, high risk to produce and low yield. But you forget what you paid when you cup Geisha coffee.

That's us when cup Gori Geisha. The fragrance is packed with berries and creamy notes. During cupping we picked up subtle rose aroma and flavor. But most of it covered by blueberry and milk chocolate sweetness. One thing is hard to replicate from Geisha varietal is elegant flavors. The experience drinking Geisha always make you comfort and pleasant. The flavors are delicate, the finishing is lingering and sweetness second to none. We love all coffee but nothing get you more excited than Geisha. It is just the way it is. Straight to the bank!

- Helmi -