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What's Interesting

If you are regular buyer of Arkib, Guji coffee is no longer foreign coffee. Known for a high quality and complex coffee profile, it becomes coffee roaster favourite choice. Either use it as single origin espresso or filter, Guji coffee truly represent the best of Ethiopia coffee. This particular coffee has been produced and exported by Ashenafi Argaw. He is also running Ardent Coffee Export and has been exporting high quality Ethiopia coffee to some famous coffee roaster around the world. Every time we source Ethiopia coffee, we ensure our coffee was in a good hand of excellent producer like Ashenafi. Then we look into the growing region which usually set the tone of coffee flavors. These 2 keys factor are our commitment to delivery excellent coffee to our fan.          

Roaster Notes

It is hard not to expect fruity and berries flavors from natural Guji coffee. Guji Gerba coffee has caught me off guard with lilac flower and rambutan flavors. Definetely it is not something that I used from Guji coffee. I had to cup few times to be sure if really taste like what I thought. The flavors getting prominent as it cools down which help to solidify my taste bud that it really taste like rambutan. Guji Gerba also bring back herb/flowery taste which one of the Ethiopian classic flavor component. I prefer to use flat bottom dripper to bring out lilac, rambutan and grape juiciness at equal intensity. Use low brewing ratio if you prefer 'strong' flavors coffee.

- Helmi -