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What's Interesting

This is our 2nd offering from Yirgacheffe region produced by Hafursa Cooperative. Since 'liberation' of coffee market in Ethiopia, smallholder coffee farmers through their cooperative has access to sell their coffee direct to international coffee buyer. This is also has positive impact toward small cooperative like Hafursa Cooperative. This coffee came from one of their washing station Likito. The interesting part of Hafursa coffee story is farmers also planted banana and other nitrogen fixing crops which really help to maintain soil nutrition for next harvest. No wonder Hafursa natural coffee has good natural flavors.

Roaster Notes

Dang! Natural coffee FTW. It is common to have slightly trait of fermented taste from natural Ethiopia coffee. But Hafursa coffee definitely enjoy benefit of working in group to produce good coffee. Good quality control, good coffee picking and great coffee story. This coffee has all the things I like in 1 package. The coffee has a lot sweetness of tropical fruits from peach to lychee. The acidity is comfort and accompany with tropical fruits sweetness. On milk this coffee is a stellar flat white with milk shakes flavor. Call me bias but how come you not love natural Ethiopia coffee when you can enjoy peach, lychee and milkshake from your coffee? Damn delicious.

- Helmi -