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What's Interesting

Ethiopia has a rich history in specialty coffee history book. When we are talking about how people gets involved with a delicious beverage called specialty coffee, you will find Ethiopia coffee always come into the conversation. This origin has the most mysterious varietal (thanks to Ethiopian heirloom) yet exciting coffee flavors. It also attracts all coffee traders from around the world. Trabocca is one the coffee green bean trader that we know work very hard to make Ethiopia specialty coffee stand out from common commercial grade coffee. In 2019 they held the first national coffee competition called Ethiopian Cup. It draws lots of attraction with participants from local farmers (single farmer or cooperative) and support from coffee professional who are also responsible in judging coffee during competition. Outcome from this competition is very positive where we can see new or unfamiliar name which is mostly come from single farmer which producing outstanding coffee. This help to established better relationship for farmer who are seeking better price for their coffee quality and coffee roaster or coffee traders that help value in transparency coffee sourcing.

As time goes by organization such as Cup of Excellence (COE) make a move by conducted their first Cup of Excellence competition Ethiopia in 2020. COE is organization that put a lot of efforts in bring a gap between small producer and international market. Beside that they also provide education program to small farmer in a way to help the coffee farmer producing better coffee for international market demand. 2020 Ethiopia COE winner was Nigussie Gemeda. This coffee also come from same origin Keramo region where his winning coffee farm is located. Since his accomplishment in COE competition, Keramo coffee has been craving by many coffee lovers. We are extremely lucky to secure small amount for our fan. Not much, but at least we get some for you. May fast hands get the coffee.


Roaster Notes

Sourcing Ethiopia coffee is complex compare to other region. Most of the coffee is trade based on region name like Harrar, Sidama or Yirgacheffee. Eventhough we manage to source coffee from single farmer name, there is potential the coffee that we are buying might mix with other coffee during milling process. Therefore, at the moment we are sorely relied on reputable coffee trader from Korea to secure this fine coffee for Arkib. It is hard to distinguish coffee flavors as fruity or sweet flavors especially for new 'specialty coffee drinker'. Keramo is the only that i confident to say it is fruity and sweet to any newcomer in specialty coffee. The good fruity winey fruits is intense and complex. We end up to identified it as grape for public acceptance. During cupping this coffee give a heavy tone of grape flavors like a concord grape. This is kind of deep tropical fruits flavors yet enjoyable to drink. When it cools down, fruity and herbal flavors start to taking the tropical fruits notes. We started to pickup flavors such lavender and rose. Drinking something that give you sensation of fruity and herbal separate fine natural Ethiopia coffee from the rest of natural coffee. This coffee certainly left a mark in coffee cupping experience. I wonder how winning no 1 lots coffee taste, Keramo is just snippet of actual winning lots.

- Helmi -