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What's Interesting

We try to keep fully washed and natural Ethiopia coffee available in our espresso offering. Last offering we had Ethiopia Shakisso which has fantastic silky aftertaste and floral aroma. We sold out the coffee very fast and start to miss classic the taste of fully washed Ethiopia coffee. For our latest offering we managed to source coffee from Kochere wet mill which also located in Yirgacheffe region. Kochere has good reputation among specialty coffee lover due to good processing protocol and final cup quality. The Latest harvest preserve the black tea signature flavors with additional citrus grapes fruits flavor. We are simply loved to have this kind good coffee for our espresso offering.

Roaster Notes

One thing I like about fully washed espresso coffee that it has lingering aftertaste. With clean and bright acidity quality, fully washed coffee has become the safest choice for black or white coffee. Back in the days when I started get into specialty coffee name like Konga, Kochere and Sidama are something unique to me. The coffee has high fruits taste clarity and deep berries notes. In Kohcere case, it always has been a clean taste, vibrant acidity, silky body and intense flavors which are something attractive to new specialty coffee lover. I keep it at medium roast to let home brewers to enjoy more the acidity sweetness of Kochere coffee. Expect grape, blackcurrant and black tea flavors when you enjoy Kochere espresso. On milk get ready for creamy body and lingering aftertaste.

- Helmi -