<center>ETHIOPIA</br>ODAKA BENSA COE</br>2020 #7</center>

2020 #7

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What's Interesting

Cup of Excellence was established in 1999 with an objective to help coffee farmers to obtain better price for their high quality coffee. Most of the coffee farmers is not a coffee cupper and with help from COE they can promote their coffee to correct green coffee buyer for better price. This also will help to established long-term relationship between coffee farmers with coffee roaster or traders which contribute towards sustainability and quality in supply chain. This year 2020 is the first time COE being organized in Ethiopia. It was an important competition since top quality Ethiopia coffee required trace ability to push the coffee brand or market the coffee to international buyer. Our favorite coffee producer Daya Bensa managed to snatch 7th place in Ethiopia COE under name of Asefa Dukamo. This fantastic coffee was produced in micro lot and we only have a small quantity to offer. Odaka packed with complex tropical fruits like lychee, guava and pear. It has velvety mouth feel and intense round body which make it such a perfect combination with tropical fruits notes.

Roaster Notes

I extremely excited for the first time Ethiopia COE competition. I noticed most of COE coffee has trademarked of clean and high clarity quality. It is an element that you need when you are buying top quality Ethiopian coffee. I noticed Odaka coffee has high sugar content so I try to keep the 'natural' organic acid to ensure you can still taste some tropical fruits notes while enjoying the velvety mouth feel and round body. I would recommend flat bottom dripper if you want a simple balance cup. Go for Hario V60 if you are in the mood to drink 'competition' brewing coffee.

- Helmi -