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What's Interesting

We celebrate any works done by our peer in specialty coffee industry to deliver better quality coffee. Our latest offering from Hambela featuring winning national winner COE farm Banti Nenka. This coffee has been specially produced for Prism Coffee Works based in Seoul, Korea. Banti Nenka peak has gone quality control to ensure this coffee is 100% free from coffee defect.

In general producing natural coffee in Ethiopia is challenging due to high volume production and high cost of advanced facility. Through collaboration between local Sibu Exporter and Prism Coffee Works, this beautiful coffee has been separated and processed as micro lot. A small step in processing line has truly revealed true potential of this coffee.

Banti Nenka is a super sweet coffee where you clearly taste white peach at the first sip. The lychee sweetness getting prominent when you keep drinking. The marshmallow texture just complete the whole experience drinking sweet, mellow yet light texture to let you enjoy filter coffee. What an amazing coffee for our life.

Roaster Notes

I recognized Hambela and Harrar as 'Yang' to Ethiopian coffee. Where other region still carry the Ethiopia signature, these 2 coffee region has their own taste profile. I always feel like drinking Panama or West Java coffee whenever I had Hambela coffee. Seem the fruits quality taste fine and hardly to get any bad fermentation taste. This coffee is an exceptional example to showcase how we can magnify the coffee quality just by do small extra work during post processing. Sorting phase really changed the whole interpretation of specialty coffee. I roasted Banti Nenka at medium roast since I prefer to enjoy sugary sweetness and not to sacrifice too much of sugar compound to keep white peach flavors. Ah... truly enjoy this coffee on Hario V60. So intense yet can clearly taste the structured flavors..

- Helmi -