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What's Interesting

Hello! Anyone fans of Ethiopia coffee? You are coming to the right place. We are super excited to have back Guji coffee in our selection. When come to Ethiopia coffee we like to be categorized based on terroir such as Guji, Sidama, Yirgacheffe or Harrar. Guji in general is type of coffee packed with fruit punch flavors. Wether it is natural or fully washed, you can expect complex fruits flavors from Guji coffee. We are lucky to have back Guji coffee from Mesina washing station. It was well prepared from the moment picked ripe cherries, drying on African raised bed and green bean screen size screening, Guji Mesina live up to high quality Guji coffee reputation. This coffee was bought through Ethiopia Commodity Exchange(ECX) by Primrose Exporter. It went further grading process to ensure you receive only specialty grade Guji Coffee.

Roaster Notes

Lately i have been into Guji coffee rather than Sidama or Yirgacheffe coffee. Usually fully washed Guji coffee has being favored for bright and clean acidity. So i just can't help to have this one but a natural process coffee for Arkib. Guji Mesina give me a bit surprise with flavors quality since common natural Ethiopian has berries flavors sensation. But Guji Mesina has a jammy acidity and sweet honey flavors. I taste prominent jammy fig, sweet mix berries and honey texture. Definetely learn few new things about Guji coffee. I prefer to use V60 or Origami dripper to bring out all complex flavors from Guji Mesina. Highly recommend for fully washed coffee lover who like to venture into natural coffee world.

- Helmi -