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What's Interesting

Sourcing coffee from Ethiopia is always a pleasure for a coffee roaster. We have been frequently buying coffee from Guji coffee and very pleasant of intense fruity flavors that Guji coffee can offer. But this particular coffee has slightly different taste profile that give a new perception of Guji coffee. We taste prominent tangerine flavors with velvet walnut syrup. It has bright coffee but with medium heavy body coffee which make it enjoyable even when it is hot. Raro Bado was produced by SNAP coffee sourced from 230 small farmers in Raro village. Improvement such installation of ceramic fermentation tank has contributed to better coffee flavors clarity.

Roaster Notes

It is been a long time since I had a chunky body Ethiopia coffee. What surprise me is you can taste juicy tangerine acidity with syrupy body. It is hard to find such a coffee quality combination but Raro Bado can delivery this quality which make it such an exceptional Guji coffee. Never bored drinking any Guji coffee. Raro Bado definitely for someone who want to try fruity coffee but with heavy texture.

- Helmi -