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What's Interesting

Guji ! Another Arkib favorite coffee region. It has reputation of fruity and complex coffee flavors. Especially for fully washed Guji coffee it is known as bright, clean and juicy coffee. But we are big fan of natural coffee and we can't resist to such a unique Guji coffee. Smallholders farmers send to Derikocha washing station and produce such a delicious natural coffee. The coffee was dried between 15-21 days with constantly turned over the cherries to avoid any uneven drying. The coffee cherries was covered between 12-3 p.m from hot sun which might cause damage to coffee flavors.

Roaster Notes

Some coffee that we offer can be quite challenging for new home coffee brewers. We would love to offer a coffee that is fun to brew and has good origin character. Ethiopian definitely in my top list and Deri natural is a good option. The coffee has delicate and smooth quality. Pleasant berries notes like blackberries and maple syrup sweetness are easy flavors for coffee brewer to taste. What make it interesting is when i taste of oolong tea flavor. It has taste of toasted tea-leaf that give a rich flavor and dry aftertaste. It is been a long time since we had tea-flavor oriented coffee flavor. Definetly will enjoy Deri natural as daily brew.

- Helmi -