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What's Interesting

What a lovely coffee. Sidamo coffee always has a soft spot in our offering list. Deep berries flavors with chocolaty body, you can't pass Sidamo coffee from you favorite coffee list. At cupping table coffee produced by Werka coffee station easily stood out from other peer. Clean and vibrant flavor make Werka coffee instantly become crowd favorite.West Arsi washing station located in Nansebo Woreda, it is a coffee processing center to 750 smallholder farmers live nearby. The washing station by owned by Taysel Yonis company Testi Trading PLC.

We have been buying regularly coffee produce by Testi and extremely satisfied by their quality standard. As coffee roaster we understand main quality control start come from selective picking process (picking ripe cherries, floating sorting, daily picking). Taysel Yonis take it a step further by investing in coffee grading machine. By utilize the machine capability to sort coffee by density, defect and screen size it delivery consistency in coffee cup quality. It required certain level scale operation to be able deliver top specialty coffee like what Taysel Yonis did.

Roaster Notes

We offered Taysel Yonis Natural coffee in our last year offering and miss to have back his coffee back in our selection. As we expected, the fully washed process is another gem from West Arsi washing station. It has high clarity and easier for any home brewers who are chasing coffee bag label taste notes. Our definition of good fully washed Ethiopian coffee simple. Bright acidity, round body and lingering after taste. Taysel Yonis fully washed such all rounded coffee with high clarity.

I taste prominent citrus flavor which is signature of fully washed Ethiopian coffee. The texture is a bit different from normal. It has rounded papaya texture and followed by vanilla sweetness which make it slightly unique compare to typical fully washed. In many cases good fully washed used to taste lean to tea-like flavors and I'm happy to have slightly different type of Ethiopian fully washed for our offering.

- Helmi -