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What's Interesting

We remember any coffee producer that produce stellar coffee and Feku Jiberil is one of them. We bought his coffee 2 years ago and really stunned by the quality of fully washed coffee that he produced. High clarity of peach flavors and syrupy black tea sweetness give us a soft spot for Feku Jiberil coffee. This year we are so happy to get back his coffee which grown by Yabitu Koba community in Uraga. For 2020 crop, Feku Jiberil still maintain the signature of clean coffee with tasting notes of fruity mandarin orange and sweet candy bar. We noticed his fully washed fermentation is around 36 - 48 hours which is slightly longer than common fully washed fermentation. This really help to build coffee flavors for his new 2020 crop.

Roaster Notes

We rarely buy fully washed Ethiopia coffee but when we do we will make sure it is the best one for you. What I love about Feku Jibril coffee is the acidity brightness. There is high flavors clarity and intensity that give the such a pleasant Mandarin Orange taste in my mouth. The candy bar sweetness just a perfect body and sweetness quality pairing that I'm looking for a fully washed specialty coffee. Can't say anything more, just grab your brewing gear and enjoy freshly roasted Yabitu Koba coffee.

- Helmi -