<center>FAUSTO ROMO</br>- SIDRA -</center>
    <center>FAUSTO ROMO</br>- SIDRA -</center>


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What's Interesting

Every year World Competition circuit is a platform to show off new coffee varietal. There is always a moment for coffee roaster, barista or brewers to find a coffee that might can 'beat' or same par with Geisha coffee qualities. That's when Sidra coffee varietal produced by legendary farm La Palma El Tucan has been used Jooyeon World Barista Champion 2019 in his barista routine. Since then we set a goal to release Sidra coffee varietal for Arkib Kopi. We are happy to offer Fausto Romo Sidra Fully Washed for Terang-SO subscription.

What is unique about Fausto Romo coffee which it grown in Ecuador. It is uprising region in specialty coffee industry. Fausto did not own coffee farm back then, his uncle offer happened to own coffee offer Fausto to plant 1 hectare farm with Sidra coffee varietal. He owned few kettles and sell 5 cows to invest growing his coffee farm. His effort paid off when his Sidra coffee produce an excellent quality which attract lots of international coffee buyer. Arkib Kopi so happy to finally get our hand on Fauto Romo Sidra coffee. As we expected this stellar coffee with fully washed coffee really show true potential of Sidra coffee. Sweet peach, fruity persimmon and tender cereal texture make Fausto Romo coffee elegant and enjoyable. A hint of floral aroma make a natural coffee fan like us to fall in love with fully washed coffee. Absolutely amazing coffee.

How To Brew

We use V60 whenever we want add a little 'twist'/complexity flavors. Brewing fully washes is quite easy and straight forward. We are using our common 3 pours and medium grind size since we know this is pretty much standard brew for our coffee. One thing that we made an adjustment is by reducing brewing time to 2.45 min. Shorter brewing time mean fast extraction and it is good if we are using medium grind size. The result sweet peach and floral cup. In between you can taste persimmon fruits notes and creamy cereal texture. We love how sweet peach coffee pairing with comfort taste note like persimmon and floral aroma make this coffee such a crowd pleaser.