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What's Interesting

We miss Peru coffee a lot. Our previous offering Peru Pichanaki sold out very fast and got good feedback from our coffee lover. Since then, we keep searching for Peru coffee and happy to have Fredt Bermeo owner of El Shimir farm. Fredt come from coffee producer family and inherited his initial 5 hectare farm from his father and further acquired 7 hectare farm from his neighboring landowner. He has been growing coffee for 15 years, but since 2011 he begins focusing to improving quality of coffee, not only his farm but for all his family members farm.

His works paid off when he joined Cup of Excellence competition in 2017 and won 3rd place with his Caturra micro lots. Beside Caturra, he also plants varietal like Bourbon, Catuai and Icatu. We are very happy to offer his latest harvest fully washed coffee. It is an elegant coffee with light floral notes which is perfect candidate for filter coffee.

Roaster Notes

All is love. That's all I can say for Fredt's coffee. His coffee smell is floral and taste clean. Usually whenever I cup Peru or Honduras there will be a bit sensation of fresh herbal, but his coffee is purely floral coffee. I was hyptonized by floral aroma I forgot to identify what kind of flower aroma and only remember prominent jasmine aroma. It also has lots of citrus flavors to offer and bergamot taste catch my attention. In general citrus based coffee only give you a monotone flavors but Fredt's coffee has better acidity clarity and gentle tanginess of bergamot. That's  type of acidity quality that I'm looking for especially when dealing with fully washed coffee. This coffee has changed my view on Peru coffee, and we hope to explore more on Peru coffee in feature.

- Helmi -