<center>GITUTU </br>AB</center>
    <center>GITUTU </br>AB</center>


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What's Interesting

Don't believe everything your hear. Rumor said Kenya AA grade is the best Kenya coffee that you can buy. We beg to be differ since cup a lot of coffee in daily basis. Personally we found lots of AB grade Kenya coffee supress any of AA grade Kenya coffee at any given time. Gititu AB is one of it and we almost not really sure either it was really a Kenya coffee during cupping session. Intense floral aroma and comfort acidity make us feel like cupping the finest Ethiopia coffee. The flavors of white grapes, cotton candy and persimmon make Gituti so gentle on your tongue when drink it.

The coffee taste profile keep improving as it cools down where you can pickup more sweet taste like cotton candy and vanilla.If you are lucky you might get a hint of cinnamon aftertaste. Big does not always mean good small does not always mean bad. To each has their own opinion. We at Arkib Kopi stick with our Gititu AB.

How To Brew

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