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What's Interesting

Many of our fan asking for Guatemala filter coffee. It is really hard to find a Guatemala filter coffee that we like. But when we do we will make sure not only us but our fan also will love it. Don Pilo lots come from Finca Terrazas. The farm was established in 1958 by Renardo "Nayo" Ovalle Vides' grandfather Jorge Vides. Most of the coffee farm planted with Bourbon and Caturra varietal. This family not just a coffee farmer, they also using earned money from selling coffee to build a school and give free medical treatment for local community. At Arkib Kopi we prioritize quality as our main guideline when sourcing but on other side we also attract to coffee farmer who contribute back to society. Buying Don Pilo not just give us joy in drinking specialty coffee but it also let us know that money that we have paid will be used for good cause. May god bless Nayo's family and his people.

Roaster Notes

Clean and floral. My impression of Guatemala coffee that it is syrupy coffee and more suitable for espresso based coffee. But Don Pilo coffee just change my belief. As soon I smell jasmine and yellow fruits tone aroma, 'this one is special'. It has good quality of acidity that give me a good sensation of lemon candy and jasmine flavors. The body intensity is medium and brown sugar sweetness accompany the acidity flavor. I love to enjoy this coffee when it was hot since Jasmine is prominent when it is hot. As it cool down, you will get plenty of brown sugar sweetness. But please don't use this coffee to replace your white sugar. Nayo will cry and no one is happy.

- Helmi -