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What's Interesting

One of our friend Nashrul mentioned to us that he rarely see any good Guatemala coffee in Malaysia coffee market. We feel the same too and acknowledged the demand is more on espresso offering but less on filter coffee offering. Since then, we make an effort to start sourcing good filter coffee selection from Guatemala. We always buying fruity, floral, winey or fancy coffee and can't help to expect the same things with Guatemala coffee. In the end we realized that our thought are wrong when it comes to Guatemala coffee. In general Guatemala coffee known for syrupy and heavy tones flavor coffee. It is highly mistake to use same approach when sourcing Guatemala coffee.

We started learn to appreciate Guatemala coffee when we bought coffee from El Injerto. It one of famous coffee farm in Guatemala and has good resume winning multiple natioanl coffee competition. The coffee has delicate tropical fruits sweetness and chewy chocolate texture. It is not your usual filter coffee choice but it still enjoyable coffee packed with caramelized flavors. As coffee roaster, we appreciate the origin character of Guatemala coffee. Nowadays we encourage our coffee fan to try other coffee origin too to enrich their coffee drinking experience.

What make Guillermo coffee is so fun is the Pache coffee varietal! . Beside El Injerto coffee, we bought another unique coffee varietal San Pache Ramon from El Morito farm. Pache is a natural mutation of Typica that found in 1949 at Brito farm. It went through mass coffee selection meaning a group of selection based on coffee varietal performance. Since then Pache varietal has spread and distribute to another part of coffee farm in Guatemala.

Roaster Notes

Now I know where to find tropical fruits driven coffee. When you are constantly buying specialty coffee, there is a trend that you can see from cupping lots of coffee. On monthly basis we are rotating between 20-30 coffee selection and required lots of cupping session before we roll out the coffee to production. That''s where I notice Pache varietal is a bit unique from another coffee varietal. We know Typica as superior coffee varietal in term of coffee flavors clarity and intensity. It is does not have complex coffee flavors but it has high intensity of flavors which make it easy to taste. Example a good Typica coffee can have dominant lemon taste and chocolaty notes. It is simple taste notes but high clarity. Fun part about is coffee when we can see this type of varietal start to mutate according to their surrounding. In Ecuador case we have Sidra varietal which another type Typica natural mutation and in Guatemala we have Pache natural Typica mutation varietal. It so interesting to able taste that Typica character but with unique set of taste profile which depend where it grows.

I love the longan taste when cupping this coffee. I made slightly adjustment by amplifying the caramelization process but keep the roast level between medium light to medium roast. This coffee is more enjoyable after 1 week or 7-10 days after roasted date. It just smell so sweet and I can smell nougat aroma. It is so exciting to drink medium low acidity coffee and just enjoying more of sugar brown element like nougat when drinking Guillermo coffee. Gentle cranberry taste sometime give extra enjoyment drinking heavy tones coffee. Coffee is fun when we go easy with it. It is necessary not necessity. Enjoy your coffee time with your loved one. Necessary and necessity it goes hand to hand.

- Helmi -