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What's Interesting

You can not look past multiple COE winning farm without get your hands on it. Same goes to El Soccoro, as a true coffee lover it feel like a kid in a candy store when you finally got some of their fine coffee in your collection. El Soccoro is a coffee farm belong to Juan Diego de la Cerda. He is fourth generation coffee farm owner and had managed three farm including Soccoro, Guayaba and Rio Amba. All his farms are located on the sam ridge but each is separated by river water and won mutiple awards in coffee competition.

We managed to get 3 different coffee varieatal form Soccoro farm which are Marsellesa, Java and Purpuracea. Marsellesa varietal is a hybrid varietal between Villa Sarchi and Timor Hybrid. It was developed by French Agricultural Institute (Cirad) and ECom. Marsellesa means French Marseille in Spanish. It also known as high yielding plant that can adapt to medium altitude.

Roaster Notes

Guatemala is always known for a staple coffee for espresso blend. In Malaysia I feel it still uncommon to see Guatemala as superior filter coffee. I want to give a shot if i can source a good Guatemala coffee filter at least good for beginner coffee drinker. One of memorable Guatemala coffee that I had this year came from El Soccoro. Marsellesa coffee still maintains the signature of medium heavy body with exciting flavors. This coffee behaves a bit different between cupping and brewed coffee.

During cupping the coffee taste more like roasted chestnut, syrupy, black tea and anise. But after let it rest for couple days, Marsellesa real flavor shine through my palate. Prominent blueberry, lavender and peach start come out from brewed coffee. It such an enjoyable filter coffee and really impressed it was a Guatemala coffee. As it cools down I picked roasted almond sweetness and texture. Seem SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee required some time for rest before it ready to brew. It is different experience when roasting, brewing and drinking a COE winning farm coffee like El Soccoro. Worth every Ringgit that I spent.

- Helmi -