<center>HAMBELA </BR> DAME DABAYE G1</center>
    <center>HAMBELA </BR> DAME DABAYE G1</center>


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What's Interesting

IIt is Ethiopian coffee season again! We are extremely excited to offer fresh crop Ethiopia coffee from our favorite origin Hambela. It you familiar with Guji coffee, Hambela is one of coffee growing area that producing a very good specialty coffee grade. Usually Arkib Kopi will source coffee from single farmer because we prioritize the trace ability of our coffee. But as we learn how to buy Ethiopian coffee we realize the quality come with capability to produce the specialty coffee. Most of single farmer in Ethiopia has small land 2 -3 hectares of coffee farm. The amount of production is not enough to sustain their living. That's when entity like bigger cooperative or company come in to support hundred numbers of small coffee farmers.

This coffee come from Dame Dabaye washing station owned by Sibu Coffee Exporter. They owned few washing station and running their own drying mill. The facilities implement proper SOP to producer specialty grade and drying mill also equipped with the latest color sorter equipment which is essential to produce specialty grade coffee. All coffee process by Dabaye washing station not using any chemical pesticide and technically it is organic coffee. Soon they will get officially organic coffee certificate and rain forest alliance which are significant to show they are committed in ethically produced specialty coffee.

How To Brew

Clean and sweet. We are quite familiar with Hambela coffee and Dabaye coffee is quite 'wow' to us. Typical Hambela coffee will be packed with intense berries notes and flavor but Dabaye coffee come with lots of sweetness like honeydew or melon. Since we roast it at medium roast to focus more on sweetness, Dabaye coffee is enjoyable on any brewing method. We choose December since it easily give u a balance cup.

Since it is quite soluble, we used medium coarse grind size with 3 pouring steps. Keep it brewing moderate brewing time around 3:30 and wait magic work on it own. In final cup we taste hints of start fruits with melon and vanilla sweetness. The flavors getting intense as it cools down and you can taste honeydew, vanilla, milk chocolate and hits of guava acidity. Overall it is clean and sweet natural Ethiopian coffee. Perfect for your daily brew and love one.