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    <center>HARTMANN</br>- CATURRA -</center>


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What's Interesting

Hail to the OG of specialty coffee Finca Hartmann. You can't talk about specialty coffee without mention one of the best producer country like Panama. We can drop few big names that has changed entire course of specialty coffee. Hartmann definitely on our top 5 list among together with Deborah, Esmeralda, Lerida and Elida. Fresh crop Caturra natural from Hartmann is new additional to our August line up. Hartmann has long history of coffee farm. All family members involved in coffee business from cultivation, production, quality control, marketing and tourism offer of the farm. They growing many excellent varietals such Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara, Typica, Maragogype, Bourbon and Geisha.

We picked Caturra varietal because it is perfect coffee for natural process. From our buying experience we notice Caturra has excellent acidity and always give a wild/funky flavors. Natural process is perfect choice to keep 'original' trademark of Caturra flavors profile. We wish you can smell aroma during first crack development. Deep and complex berries stomp on our nose. We love roast this coffee so please get a bag if you love us. Long live OG Hartmann!

How To Brew

Hartmann Caturra is a really sweet and winey coffee. We not surprised if you will get slightly bitter cup if you are using normal brewing recipe. We are highly recommended you to use coarser grind size. This will counter balance the sweetness and intensity to allow other flavors to shine. We also use slightly low brewing temperature 92 to give gentle extraction. The result deep berries flavors such as blackberries and tickle sarsaparilla taste. The flavors swing from toffee, liquorice, black berries turn into sarsaprilla, rum, cacao and winey after taste. Hartmann Caturra really represent general perception of good Panama. Complex and wide spectrum of taste profile. We suggest you to keep some and brew it after 3 weeks. God know what else that you will discover. Jeng3X