<center>HARU SUKE</br>GUJI</center>
    <center>HARU SUKE</br>GUJI</center>


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What's Interesting

Our first experience tried this coffee trace back to cupping session at Pulp Bangsar back in 2017. Our roaster Helmi had a cupping session featuring different oversea roaster from well known USA roaster such as Stumptown, Ritual Coffee, Heart Coffee, Counter Culture and many more. There was one particular coffee that catch his attention which is Haru Suke fully washed. Haru coffee smell so floral and bright acidity like a lemongrass. Fast forward 4 years after that when saw Haru Suke natural listed for sale we could not resist to get our hands on it.

Usually Ethiopian coffee grow at 1500 - 200 meter elevation but Haru Suke grow sligtly higher at 2000 - 2200 meter. Rumor said higher elevation will produce better cup  result. We believed same things happened to Haru natural. This coffee is quite dense almost similar to a fully washed coffee. We approached this coffee similar to how we roast fully washed Ethioian coffee. High heat moderate drum rotation, more conduction with moderate roasting time. The result sweet magnolia and vanilla with thyme flavors . Such delicate and classic Ethiopian coffee. Herbs flavors and sweet sugar brown coffee.

How To Brew

Delicate coffee! We picked December dripper to brew a balance cup. What we like about this dripper, it reduces brewing error by keeping shallow coffee bed. Flat bottom design increase even brewing surface. We are using our standard brewing recipe with 3 steps pour. Using slightly lower brewing ratio 1:17 help to create vanilla texture that will compliment thyme flavors. All we remember sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. Okay you need to try your own style if you are boring with sweet cup. Enjoy brewing!