<center>HONDURAS</br>CLAUDIO VILLELA</center>


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What's Interesting

We are excited to have this coffee on our coffee selection. We have been a big fan of Pacamara varietal since the day one. For anyone who are not familiar with Pacamara coffee varietal, it is a cross hybrid varietal between Pacas (Bourbon) mutation and Maragogype (Tupiyca) mutation. In general it known for juicy cup, solid body and herbal aftertaste coffee. We feel Pacamara is a very good coffee varietal that can represent good specialty coffee character. Inherited sweetness from Bourbon varietal and bright acidity form Typica varietal, it is easy to get balance cup profile from Pacamara coffee.

Back then when our roaster was competing in his national brewers cup championship, we are looking for a varietal that can match Geisha coffee varietal which has been dominating coffee competition circuit around the world. Pacamara is our answer to this challenge. We tasted quite a lot of excellent Pacamara and believe it almost on the same par with Geisha but with different spectrum flavor. You can consider Geisha as Queen in specialty coffee while Pacamara is the king. We are excited to offer Fincona Pacamara and can't ask for more than natural process coffee. Sucha a perfect coffee varietal with a perfect choice processing method. Can't wait to roast for our coffee lover.

Roaster Notes

I know few coffee producing countries growing Pacamara varietal like Panama, El Salvador and Colombia but i never heard one from Honduras. As big fan of Pacamara coffee, it is always on the of list selection. Perfect timing with perfect selection, I picked this coffee for our January Terang-SO selection. Arkib approach is we never stick to the trend or hype. We are simply purist coffee roaster who are interested in what exciting about specialty coffee. As soon i saw this coffee, I know it will be perfect coffee selection for our offering.

This coffee deliver slightly different flavors tone from the rest of natural Pacamara that i have ever tried. I remember Honduras is kind of pleasant herbal coffee with delicate acidity. Sometime it does not matter what type of Honduras coffee you bought, Honduras coffee always has that 'trademark' of good herbal flavor/aftertaste/body coffee.

Fincona Pacamara start with good sweetness blackberries. It easy to drink but things get interesting as it cools down. I tasted some familiar herbal taste remind me of 90 + Kemgin flavor, sort of ginseng flavors. It gets tricky because some people might enjoy it and some people might hate it. For us, we just get along with it. Typical nutty Honduras flavors also present since I took a first sip. It is enjoyable coffee with walnut taste and pretty happy with moderate intensity nuttiness on my palate. You going to love this coffee if you are in the same shoes like us. If you don't get another coffee bag too, we give 10% off with minimum 2 purchase ;).

- Helmi -