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What's Interesting

New name, new coffee, new terroir, new farmer, new varietal. Arkib is always about journey of discovering exceptional coffee. This year we have been heavily trying to source rare varietal such marsellesa, f-1, pink bourbon, old typica etc. It comes to the point where we start to understand some of new varietal usually came from research center or natural hybrid due to local environment factor. That's when we started look into Parainema coffee varietal. This excellent varietal was developed by Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE). Parainema is a hybrid coffee varietal between Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi varietal. It has big and oval shaped bean. Parainema came into specialty coffee roaster attention when it won Honduras Cup of Excellence in 2015.

This unique coffee was grown at La Cienega farm run own by Daniel Omar. He started to grow coffee since 10 years ago and it has a size of 5 hectares land. This particular coffee farm only grown Parainema varietal. The coffee went through fully washed process with 24 hours fermentation. The coffee has been dried in solar drying house until desired moisture content.

Roaster Notes

In our last offering we had Jose Dimas fully washed coffee and it slowly changes our perception about Honduras coffee. I always have a perception of fresh herbal and lime peel flavors when it comes to fully washed Honduras coffee. Daniel Omar helped me to become more open mind when it come into make coffee assessment. On cupping table i really impressed by fruity taste notes that give me a sensation of muscat grape. It really reminds me the same taste of muscat juice drink that I had back during college time in Japan.

Sweet gentle sour taste with a little citrus punch. The flavors turn into lemon acidity and end with medium high honeysuckle texture. Being a professional coffee cupper is not a privilege for me to put a certain stigma or perception on any coffee. I'm feel humbled when cupping Daniel Omar coffee. Certainly a kind of coffee that I would rejoice as a coffee lover, coffee drinker and coffee roaster

- Helmi -