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What's Interesting

There are still many coffee producers still struggle to make a living in this modern day. The decision to turn producing coffee as their main source income when income generated from producing coffee not even profitable. Gualupe Rodriguez is one of the coffee farmer who was facing the same situation. But a man with a good will and strong determination can overcome any challenge in his path. He decided to join Cup of Excellence and won eighth place. This open a door for Guadalupe to make his present among green coffee buyer.The demand start coming in and his coffee has becoming favourite selection in many coffee roastery. Now he can proudly say producing specialty coffee is his bread and butter.

We are very interested his Lempirca coffee. It is cross hybrid between Timor Hybrid varietal and Caturra varietal. If you are big fan of Arkib, you are already know that we are into this kind of rare varietal stuff. Honduras had bad experience with la roya / leaf rust disease. It was a nightmare that almost wipe out entire Honduras coffee production. With introducing durable and disease resistance varietal like Lempira and Parainema, Honduras coffee reagin hope to regain to be in a good position as coffee producer in coffee market. Our hope in the future there will be more good coffee like Guadalupe Lempira come out from Honduras.

Roaster Notes

We are amazed by nowadays Honduras coffee quality. It is super clean, zesty acidity and herbal aftertaste. No doubt this is one of my favorite morning coffee beside Toraja coffee. Guadalupe Lempira is our next choice for Honduras offering. The citrus flavors is dangling on my tongue, guava and orange flavors just go back and forth which make it very interesting for fully washed coffee. The hazelnut sweetness is a good pairing for citrus flavor. Overall, another fine Honduras coffee, clean and sweet. Don't think too much, get this one and sourdough. It is a healthy breakfast combo.

- Helmi -