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What's Interesting

Central America is a popular coffee growing region. Some of the best coffee Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua located in this region. Typically Central America coffee has balance flavors, acidity, body and aftertaste. It is one of main reason Central American being favored by many coffee drink. Honduras particularly is one of interesting coffee that caught our interest. On top of good acidity we notice gentle herbal notes from Honduras coffee always put a smile on our face. Compare to Sumatra coffee, Honduras fully washed coffee has gentle herbal flavor and give us a pleasant herbal aftertaste.

Jose Dimas coffee is a good example to showcase how good is fully washed Honduras coffee. Rounded malic acid paired with honey texture is perfect combination for a balance cup. This quality give us an idea how lempira varietal coffee taste in general. Lempira is a hybrid between timor and caturra coffee varietal developed by IHCAFE. It has high yield variety and known for leaf rust resistant. As coffee roaster , we love to share new experience of discovering new varietal with our coffee drinker

Roaster Notes

Give me 10 choice of coffee in the morning, I will pick this coffee without blink of an eyes. There is nothing can wake up my soul in the morning like drinking a mild and gentle acidity coffee like Honduras coffee. I'm always excited to have back Honduras coffee in production line. Jose Dimas coffee pretty easy to handle during roasting and I prefer to finish the roast at medium. Slightly developed for '3rd Wave' drinker but I prefer a balance cup rather just an acidic coffee. This one is exceptional for Honduras coffee since you barely taste the herbal aroma. I taste lots of malic acidity quality fruits like apple and prune. The sweetness and body give you taste and sensation of sweet honey. I highly recommend to use flat bottom dripper if you are chasing for intense clean cup. Else V60 also good for a balance cup especially with a coarser grind size. Enjoy Jose Dimas coffee.

- Helmi -