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What's Interesting

It is an amazing to see all our coffee selection has history with our coffee journey. We feel attachment whenever buying a coffee that bring back a piece of our coffee experience. Back then when Pacamara varietal start making a buzz in coffee scene, coffee farm name like Limoncillo start taking brew bar in most of the famous coffee bar. One of our personal favorite roaster Nylon based in Singapore was serving Red Pacamara varietal from this beautiful farm during our visit. At the moment we just got into the coffee world and going around the roastery and cafe trying some exciting coffee. We tried both espresso and flat white of Limoncillo coffee and we are blown away by the bright acidity espresso and silky body flat white. This is not average coffee and certainly not produced by ordinary mankind. We trace back Limoncillo and found out it came from famous household of coffee producer in Nicaragua.

We always thought the coffee quality solely rely on varietal or origin. Not many people really aware on how significant impact will be made by a skillful coffee producer. Excellent coffee producer know how to read weather, understand the climate, correct nursing practice, harvest picking and processing, grading and export. It almost required you to master different level of knowledge to get complete picture on how to produce top quality coffee. When it come to this Finca Miesrich tick all the check boxes. They are 4th generation of coffee producer and take a great effort to produce Red Pacamara Limoncillo. They also have several COE winning records in their resume. Recently they expand their portfolio to Honduras region and we are extremely lucky the 'taste' of master work. Arkib is highly excited to offer Finca Meisrich Red Catuai full washed as our latest fully washed central america coffee selection. We might be bias writing coffee description but how you can't be bias when it is good coffee. Another good espresso selection for our espresso coffee lover.

 Roaster Notes

I will cut it shorts. Clean, bright, vibrant acidity and rounded body. It is slightly different from my normal Honduras coffee which always has herbal taste and aroma. Meisrich Red Catuai is simply easy go coffee. It has fantastic crema with good finishing. Usually we prefer to roast at medium dark roast for espresso selection but I feel guilty to do the same thing with this coffee. It has vibrant acidity that remind me of stone fruits flavor. It is not too intense but enough to give that 'modern espresso' taste. I keep at medium roast just to make it more rounded body while maintain minimum acidity intensity in final cup. On white we prefer it as flat white. The cashew flavor and melon sweetness will make you lick the cup after finish the coffee Not sure what to pick? Just get this one and share the coffee with your love one.

- Helmi -