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What's Interesting

Story is a subtle key element in presenting specialty coffee toward audience. It is not hard to be move by story of our coffee farm at origin. Araku certainly has very interesting coffee on what they have been through to get into specialty coffee. Manoj Kumar from Kerala is a capitalist venture who has been involved in lots of social enterprise business and activism. He always interested in agriculture sector especially in farming activities. He mentioned India still rely on rural economy sector yet nothing much has been done to support farmer. Kumar finally arrived in Araku Valley and later found out there are around 35 tribes which still live in poverty.

By utilizing his experience in social enterprise, Kumar managed to gather around 1000 families in 2005 to form coffee cooperative. This is more efficient way to manage, train and organize coffee process to make it sustainable business. One of significant work has been done by Kumar and his cooperative is to reforest the coffee plant area. Harmful vegetation was removed and replace by shade tree. This will encourage bird and bee to nest which produce bird dropping and bee pollination. He believes it main ingredient to grow high quality coffee by using organic farm practice.

Now Araku coffee has been known as high quality specialty coffee producer same like small coffee producer in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda etc. This particular natural process coffee that we bought is a microlot produce by Araku Cooperative. It still amazing story for us to see a single man will change the entire valley future. Now with coffee all people in Araku enjoy the benefit of producing good coffee.

Roaster Notes

This round of offering we have lots of clean coffee that really suitable to represent origin character. Araku natural microlot is another coffee in our lineup that is ready to deliver you good coffee drinking experience. It is impressive to taste bright coffee from India coffee. Plus the texture is lean toward tea-like and not like typical India coffee which is syrupy. I taste hints of cardamom and cinnamon flavors when enjoying this coffee. The coffee taste much better as brewed coffee. It has better clarity of fruity raspberry notes, sweet plum and cacao after taste. Once in the while, I love to have 'abnormal' selection like India coffee. Clean, straight forward taste but with a bit spice notes. New benchmark for India coffee.

- Helmi -