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What's Interesting

A woman named Erna Knutsen has created an opening door to better coffee quality. It all started with Sumatra coffee. Not many people know back in the days when she started her own coffee trading company, Erna was the first person to introduce specialty coffee term when selling Sumatra coffee to her client. She used the term to differentiate the Sumatra quality from normal commercial coffee in the market. She also explained the specialty coffee words refer to coffee taste that being produce by specific region or terroir. As time goes by specialty coffee term has been adapted by coffee industry as a standard for high quality arabica coffee.

We love coffee not just by the taste by also by appreciate the coffee history. We are extremely excited to bring stellar Sumatra coffee produced by OG farmer Hendra Maulizar from Avatara Gayo. In the past few years experimental coffee process like Carbonic Maceration, Anaerobic, Honey Process and Natural Hydro Honey have been popular among local producers. We have roasted and sample lots of the sample from farmers but nothing come close to what Hendra team did.

Typical experimental process has traits of 'extra' fermentation taste either in coffee flavors or after taste. Hendra's team did a fantastic job on Avatara Gayo Anaerobic Natural coffee. This coffee has dominant tropical fruits notes such as lychee and guava. It has creamy texture compare to CM process. As a coffee lover we are extremely excited to showcase the result of talented and skillful coffee producer like Hendra. We will just let the coffee speak. Have good time 'chat' with her.     

Roaster Notes

I have been trying to get my hands on this coffee bean for almost 2 years. Back then when experimental process was introduced into specialty coffee industry I was hoping it will get to Indonesia. Later on we found there is a coffee producer which Hendra Maulizar from Avatara Gayo has successfully produced Carbonic Maceration Natural coffee. Since it was produced in small numbers, everything went to local market and we could not get any stock from him. This year we started partnership with Biji Importer (micro coffee importer) to bring this amazing coffee for Arkib coffee lover.

My instinct was correct. This coffee deliver everything that I hope from Carbonic Maceration process. Especially coffee from Sumatra region which has a stigma of woody and herbal coffee. I want to have a coffee that can showcase the best of Sumatera coffee. This coffee has been sealed in tank with carbon dioxide gas injection in order to create vacuum sealed fermentation environment. This method can prolong fermentation period which contribute to complex flavors.

We consider anaerobic as improvement of orthodox process such as natural or fully washed.  Anaerobic natural is a good selection of processing method to amplify natural coffee flavors while reducing fermentation taste produced by fermentation/drying process. We are very surprise how big is tropical fruits taste, start with prominent guava flavors , followed by lychee sweetness and end with vibrant passion fruits acidity. It is very hard to choose between this coffee and CM process. We just love the outcome of both process.

I just love this coffee. Hats off to Hendra and team. What an amazing coffee to drink. Hope you enjoy the coffee and on behalf of farmer we are appreciated your support to buy this coffee.

- Helmi -