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What's Interesting

What an amazing journey! It has been 3 years since we are buying coffee from Kelompoktani Sejahtera Kayumas. Everything begin when we tried to source fully washed coffee from Indonesia. In general, most coffee come out from Indonesia is wet-hulled / giling basah process. It is traditional coffee process which created to fit local economy and landscape growing coffee. We believe Indonesia coffee has something more to offer than traditional process. From our green bean buying experience, we understand fully washed is a benchmark process to evaluate coffee potential. So we kwow that we need to find a good coffee processor or farmer who properly doing fully washed process. One of the challenge doing fully washed process especially in remote area like Indonesia is water resource. While not most of farm is located to near water source, it makes more challenging for fully washed process and farmers end up process their harvest with wet hulled method since it use less water.

When come to coffee production Java island producing up to 20-30% export for Indonesia coffee export. Most of coffee plantation or coffee farm have been supported by local gov agency like PTP with providing training and support growing coffee. Kelompaktani Sejahtera formed in 2008 and lead by Pak Siswono. There are around 25 coffee farmer families under this cooperative. Most of coffee farm located at Ijen Plateu. One of the thing that attracted us on Kayumas coffee is their practise in growing organic coffee. No pesticide is allowed and only organic compost has been used as fertilizer. It also has obtained organic certificated by Lembaga Sertifikasi Organik Seloliman (LESOS). Beside that most of the cherry picker has been highly trained by PTP and skillful in picking red cherries.

The fully washed is quite standard. Once cherries has been picked, it went through depulper to remove coffee cherry skin. The coffee fermented for around 12 ~ 36 hours. Once it finishes fermentation process, the cherries was washed using clean water to remove leftover mucilage. The drying process will take around 7 - 10 days until coffee parchment reach moisture around 12%. This coffee is fresh crop Jul 2020. Fresh crop green bean required time to reach stable and optimum condition to roast. Usually we feel any coffee from 6 up to 12 months after harvest date is the best period to roast. Sometime if we roast too fresh green bean coffee bean it will lead to inconsistent roasting since the coffee keep 'developing' the flavors. It has been more than 6 months since it was harvested and we feel now it the suitable time to roast this beautiful Kayumas. We are damn happy when see the green bean, emerald green bean color and you know how have fresh coffee.

 Roaster Notes

When you always roast expensive coffee, a coffee tend to be just a coffee. It does not matter either it super expensive or super cheap. At the end of the day as coffee roaster it just another day at work. But it does not feel the same way when it comes to Kayumas coffee. We have build relationship for 3 years and seeing year by year the coffee quality is getting better, I'm getting excited again. I still remember when 1st year when we bought their coffee it was not that really good but they have very good mindset and willingness to listen to their customer feedback. Since then, we have exchange opinion on what we think can be done better. One of our conversation was about the acidity and the body. Fully Java coffee really remind me of balance and bright acidity of Central American coffee. But the body quality was not up to our standard where we want it to be. It tastes bit porous like a mushroom which turn off me a bit during cupping. But we recognize what can be improved.

This year crop is absolutely mind blowing. It so taste clean, bright acidity, syrupy body and has herbal like a tobacco-ish aftertaste. I am smiling all the way from 1st crack until the end of roasting. The aroma like starfruit slowly turn to heavy notes like blackberry and syrup. Even at medium roast level this coffee has intense caramelize notes that give you sensation of fresh roast. Not many coffee can make a good filter and espresso coffee especially for medium roast coffee. Kayumas just another different coffee, i personally crave this kind of syrupy body for my morning filter coffee. On espresso, Kayumas taste so smooth with tobacco aftertaste and syrupy sweetness. With milk, it has no problem to blend with milk sweetness and goes so well with blackberry flavor. If you are cold brew lover, we are happy to announce to got a versatile coffee like Kayumas for you to take it home. They syrupy sweetness is a perfect element that you need in your cold brew. Enjoy our fruit of labors, long year of partnership for better coffee future. Thank you for supporting ethically sourced coffee.

- Helmi -