<center>IXHUATLAN F-1</BR>- HONEY ROLL -</center>
    <center>IXHUATLAN F-1</BR>- HONEY ROLL -</center>


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What's Interesting

This is our second offering from Santuario Project featuring special Honey Roll process. Santuario team is a group of passion and professional in coffee industry that looking forward to push envelop in coffee processing field. Honey roll process is a process where coffee cherries will be washed and soak under water for 3 hours. Then roll the coffee cherries into a blue plastic cloth for 72 hours of anaerobic sun fermentation to fully develop flavors of coffee cherries.

Drying process was using an African Raised bed inside a greenhouse and coffee will be turned every 1 - 2 hours. This drying space is also ventilated by fans. The whole process will take around 26 days to complete. This is genius combination of proper fermentation method and drying condition to give edge flavors for Mexico coffee.

How To Brew

We roast this coffee at light roast to keep 'fermentation' and natural taste of this unique processed coffee.Light roast coffee bean is quite dense and required slightly finer grind size to extract more flavors. Light roast required more pouring steps to get thicker texture to compensate the acidity intensity. We choose 5 pouring steps and result is white chocolate texture and sweetness. The acidity is interesting where we taste mango and pineapple flavors across any drinking temperature. This F-1 varietal coffee has unique flavors of fresh blueberry which is quite awesome for Mexico coffee. This coffee is good for competition entry level of daily brew. You choose it, we prefer to enjoy roasting it for our lovely home brewers.