<center>JAVIER FERNANDEZ </br>- MARACATURRA -</center>
    <center>JAVIER FERNANDEZ </br>- MARACATURRA -</center>


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What's Interesting

From Pacamara to Marcaturra. Welcome to Arkib Kopi. This is what make Arkib Kopi is an excited place to discover coffee world. Our first offering back then was Maracaturra varietal from Nicaragua. We still remember how the coffee taste bright acidity and creamy body. We are happy to have it back after 3 years since we started our coffee journey. Javier Fernandez owner of Miramundo Farm has fantastic Maracturra for you to try. Compare to typical Maracaturra (which known for bright acidity) Javiier's Maracaturra is more towards sweet taste and herbal aroma.

The interesting part is when the coffee is totally cool down. The texture is chewy and sweetness taste like tropical fruits.The combination of texture and sweetness give us sensation of Nata de Coco. Eventhough, we have been cupping a lot of coffee, this kind of coffee always make us as coffee lover excited to try new coffee.

How To Brew

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