<center>JESUS</br>MARIANO AGUIRRE</center>
    <center>JESUS</br>MARIANO AGUIRRE</center>


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What's Interesting

Herbal is consider as a good fragrance and we can't think other region beside Honduras when it come to this. Most of Honduras that we purchase share common trait of herbal flavors or herbal after taste. The herbal quality is not like 'dirty' Sumatran style but more toward cedar or sandalwood. Imagine having a fruity and sweet coffee with herbal aftertaste. What a lovely coffee drinking experience. We are so happy to discover Mariano Jesus Aguirre coffee. Located at high elevation 1750, his coffee definitely has quality of fruity coffee. We can't get enough of black berries taste in our palate. The complexity flavors swing from blackberries towards black tea and lime skin.

Catuai is a hybrid between Mundo Nuvo and Yellow Caturra varietal. It was developed Campinas Agronomic Institute (ICA) in Brazil in 1949. From our coffee green bean buying experience we notice in general Catuai has a trend of tea-like cup quality. We taste similar thing in Mariano coffee too. We are quite surprise when it has taste of black tea and slowly change to oolong tea when it totally cools down. Such a comfort cup to start your day, sweet and herbal aftertaste.

How To Brew

Balance cup! This is our main idea when we want to brew this coffee. We want all coffee quality co exists in harmony. Using flat bottom dripper like December we choose to use medium coarse grind size and low brew ratio to highlight intensity of blackberries. We extend a little bit brewing time up to 3:30 as an insurance for fully coffee extraction. The result as what we expected, prominent blackberries with bright citric fruit taste like lime skin. The sweetness, texture and aftertaste taste like you are drinking black tea. Keep half of coffee and keep enjoy drinking when it totally cools down.