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    <center>JOSE</br>- VILLA SARCHI -</center>


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What's Interesting

You can't escape from Honey process when it comes to Costa Rica coffee. It is unique coffee producing region where the things running at farm level is slightly different from other region. Costa Rica coffee farmers usually rely on micro mill to process their coffee. It operates by small group of farmers who are work together build the micro mill and process any coffee from nearby farmers. This small scale producing facilities has benefit to local producer by focusing more on quality even though at bigger amount production. Honey does not have global standard. It can be defined by percentage mucilage left after pulped process or by color of parchment during drying process. It is important to ask the traders or farmers to ensure what their definition for honey process.

Jose Jaime Cardenas is one of COE winning farm and his has been known for quality. Growing and processing at Sin Limites is challenging to due rough wind and hurricane it may destroy the green house that he build to help the drying process. But like truly hard work and dedicated farmer, Jose has been through high and low to ensure us coffee lover can enjoy his fruits of labor. This round we managed to get Villa Sarchi with Yellow Honey process from Sin Limites. We have been hunting Villa Sarchi and Costa Rica is perfect location to source this coffee. It is mutation of Bourbon varietal and adapt very well at high elevation. The advantage growing Villa Sarchi that it is a dwarf plant and tolerance to strong wind. Perfect solution to Jose's problem.

How To Brew

Whenever we have Costa Rica in our offering we always craving for honey kind of sweetness or texture. Jose's coffee really deliver this experience with additional interesting cinnamon notes. The cinnamon taste make it perfect choice to cheer up your mood in the morning. We are working on high brewing ratio since we are developed our roast quite well. We used 1:18 using December dripper. With 3 pouring steps we try to keep brewing time within 4 minutes. 

Cup results give you an enjoyable cinnamon flavor and aftertase. The acidity give you gentle sensation of plum and persimmon. The coffee sweetness is getting prominent as it cools down. We pickup sweet cola and nectarine sweetness at room temprature. If you are lucky you might taste pitachio flavors when totally cooled down.