<center>JUAN DIEGO </br>- MARACATURRA -</center>
    <center>JUAN DIEGO </br>- MARACATURRA -</center>


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What's Interesting

OK! Just like Pink Bourbon, we love everything about Maracaturra and Pacamara. Since El Soccoro has won multiple times in Cup of Excellence we have been eyeing on this coffee for quite sometime. Not until Maracaturra is available, instantly this is coffee that we want for Arkib Kopi offering. Juan Diego is 4th generation of coffee farmer. He has been working hard to expand the farm and increase the production by planting several new varieties and improving milling and drying on the patio. The result paid off when his Geisha took over 1st place in recent 2020 Cup of Excellence.

Fully washed is the safest and perfect choice to know the 'real' coffee flavors. By using this process, Juan Diego's Maracaturra produce complex acidity that give sensation of blood orange and fig. The acidity depth and layering citrus flavors make this coffee enjoyable at any temperature. Not to forget the vanilla sweetness is just nice to compliment complex acidity. What an excellent cup of coffee by a great man. Well done Diego!

How To Brew

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