<center>KARADYKAN</br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>
    <center>KARADYKAN</br>- ANAEROBIC -</center>


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What's Interesting

Adventurous! That's how we describe one of Terang-SO coffee selection. We have tailored Terang-SO subscription to feature 1 competition level coffee and 1 comfort daily brew coffee. Karadykan is exactly a kind of coffee that you will enjoy as daily brew. This is Arkib Kopi first India coffee offering along with Attikan Anaerobic. Both coffee come from famous Sangameshwar Coffee Estates. We heard good reputation about this producer since they are really focusing on coffee quality.

We are really excited to get our hands on Anaerobic India coffee. Eventhough there is some perception of some coffee roaster selling Anaerobic coffee for the sake of branding instead the quality, we beg it differs. This anaerobic process has been done correctly by Sangameshwar Coffee Estate to maximize the coffee flavors. We taste sweet complex flavors like raisin, winey and yellow plum. It has medium fruits acidity intensity and hints of cinnamon powder. The body just like drinking a syrup with sarparilla flavors. We really like how anaerobic process keep remain the origin flavors instead turn to fermentation taste. Enjoy sarsaparilla and mango pickle taste as it cools down. We are humble to roast such an excited coffee for Terang-SO subscriber.

How To Brew

We have few collection dripper at brewing station and somehow we choose Kinto dripper to brew Karadykan coffee. Kinto dripper has straigh rib design which allow more structured flavors cup. Karadykan has good solubality at medium roast so we are using coarse grind size with slightly fast pouring style. Keep it 4 steps to ensure you hit the balance cup sweet spot. Sweet and winey coffee! The aroma of root beer and winey are perfect to wake up your mind in the morning. The flavors change from licorice & winey toward sarsaparilla and mango pickle. Take deep breath after have a sip and you will notice a hint of cinnamon powder aftertaste. Everything is good when you buy good coffee.