<center>KEDIR HASSEN </br>GURACHO</center>
    <center>KEDIR HASSEN </br>GURACHO</center>


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What's Interesting

Never get bored with Ethiopia coffee and this time we got our hands on coffee from Sibu Coffee Exporter. This company is well known in international coffee trading market for producing excellent high grade specialty coffee. Located in the finest coffee producing region Oromia, Sibu Coffee Exporter a family owned business by Mr. Kedir Haseen did a good in producing consistent and high quality coffee. Sibu Coffee Exporter owned 3 washing station and one of it in Kercha which is Guracho Washing Station.

Kercha is a district within Guji Zone and talking about Guji coffee usually it is fruity and intense flavors coffee. But Guracho beg something different from your usual Guji coffee. We love the juicy acidity that give sensation of pineapple juice. The sweetness and texture is smooth and sweet like melon with finishing of sticky sugarcane. Sometime we enjoy sweet and juicy natural process coffee. Kedir Hassen coffee is an example benchmark of natural process. The drying/fermentation process has been done perfectly to ensure it has optimum fruity flavors without any bad fermentation taste. Natural coffee lover hands up! This one must be on of your.shelf.

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