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What's Interesting

Hello Kenya! Welcome to Arkib!. If you are talking about fully washed coffee, we all know Kenya must be in the conversation. Who does not love juicy and zesty coffee from Kenya? It is perfect choice for filter or Japanese ice drip coffee. One of favorite coffee come from Nyeri region. The coffee come from region also was used by 1st runner-up Brewers Cup Mikaela from Coffee Collective in her final round routine. What make Nyeri coffee outstanding? Simple answer is lively and juicy acidity. It will wake up your morning soul just with one sip.

Kenya Muranga AA come from Gatuya. It located in central province of Muranga county. They have around 11,000 farmer members which delivering red cherries to wet mill. AA size is the biggest screen size of 17/18 coffee bean size as consider as top quality coffee in Kenya. Yet, we don't bought the hype and sample all coffee that come to our door. This coffee is fantastic, and we taste few weird and interesting flavors.

Roaster Notes

I hate tomatoes but not form of coffee flavors. Muranga AA has juicy and sour acidity quality that give you sensation of grapefruit and tomatoes. Since the acidity intensity is high we want to deliver this coffee as juicy and bright acidity we love to showcase Kenya fully washed signature coffee to our coffee lover. For roasting profile we go just slightly develop profile for light roast coffee to give sufficient viscosity to make a balance light roast coffee. The most interesting part is when we test some kind of sweet turnip flavor when it totally cools down. We have been buying, sampling, cupping many coffee but none of it has sweet turnip taste. If you are curious how sweet turnip taste in coffee, get Muranga AA. Don't share with other people since we might not get these kinds of coffee again in the future. #rareflavor

- Helmi -