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What's Interesting

Once a while, we miss Kenya coffee. Clean, bright, juicy and complex berries flavors, that's what we miss from Kenya coffee. Previously we bought few Kenya coffee from AA, AB and Peaberry screen size. In general Kenya coffee has been sold in these 3 grades. AA refers to screen size 17/18,AB refers to screen size 15/16 and Peaberry is oval shaped size. AA size screen usually known as one of the world finest coffee. Our personal experience saying AA screen size has more structured and high clarity coffee flavors. For Thunguri AA, it has sweet savory of red tea, heavy tones blackberries and herbal sage flavors. The flavors less complex than AB coffee but definitely more rewarding for home brewers since it is lot easier to hit brewing notes.

Thunguri AA produced by Simon Mathenge. Many small lot farmers in the region grow SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11 at nearly 1700 ~1800 m and bring their harvest to the Thunguri Coffee Factory to be washed and sun dried on raised beds. Fun coffee to roast, easy to brew and enjoy to drink.


Roaster Notes

Wow it has been a long time to see Kenya coffee back into our offering. Thunguri AA such a great lineup to start our 2021. Fully washed, clean cup profile, AA size screen, easy to roast and Kenya-ish flavors. I can't wait every time we get Kenya coffee order. Instantly I know the order from a special home brewer. Not many people in local scene appreciate how Kenya coffee taste since it is has sharp acidity but I don't, i just love it. But I lean toward heavy tones Kenya coffee like Thunguri which maintain the herbal notes with blackberries sweetness. Most of Nordic coffee roaster like to do light roast for Kenya coffee but I prefer to roast it at medium roast. Kenya coffee taste more complex at medium roast and has better aftertaste even at coarser grind size. Thunguri has good cup profile from red tea flavors swing to blackberry sweetness and end with sage aftertaste. Be the special one and get this coffee ! New year with new coffee experience.

- Helmi -