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What's Interesting

If you ask for juicy and chocolaty coffee there is only one coffee come into our mind and that is Kenya coffee. The juiciness of Kenya is unique and hardly to find in other coffee. Most of the time during cupping Kenya coffee you will get raspberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, red currant, lime, pomelo, caramel, dark chocolate etc. Beside that the fragrance of Kenya is distinct, you can smell lots of tropical fruits with sweet caramel or chocolate.

New harvest of Kenya coffee always has a spot in Arkib Kopi selection. This year we start our collection with featuring Koisagat AA, Gititu AB and Tuiyogaa AA. In general Kenya coffee has been trade by grade AA, AB and Peaberry. Usually AA grade (screen size 18) has high price due to believe it has better quality. Koisagat AA will answer your question whether it is true or not. Lemon peel and plum taste is a trademark of fine Kenya coffee acidity. We quite surprise to pickup walnut taste as it getting cool down. Common but not typical type of Kenya flavors.

How To Brew

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