<center>LA ESPERANZA</br>TRES DRAGONES</center>


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What's Interesting

In early days of speciality coffee waves, there are few household names of Colombia coffee emerged to international coffee scene. Name like La Palma El Tucan and Granja La Esperanza made their way through famous coffee roaster and international coffee competition. It is our pleasure to have back this beautiful Pacamara coffee varietal from Granja La Esperanza. We have been patiently waiting for this rare varietal to be available for purchase. First coffee that we bought from La Esperanza was Geisha Kamitsu fully washed. We are still  remember the tangerine and citrus orange flavours from Geisha Kamitsu. It such a bright and clean cup of coffee.

We are happy to have La Esperanza back in our offering. This particular coffee come from one their farm Potosi which has producing such a fine speciality coffee. Tres Dragones is a natural process Colombia varietal coffee. Don't be fooled by the coffee varietal, La Esperanza is a skilful farmer who are capable to create a magic on any coffee that they touch. Tres Dragones is such a complex coffee and we no longer bother to write down tasting notes. Just smell, slurp and enjoy!

Roaster Notes

Wow, wow, wow. La Esperanza is such a respectable household name. Their coffee deserves a skilful coffee roaster to properly present their work for coffee lover. Every time we're roasting La Esperanza it just different vibes since we are aware that we put our reputation and their name too on the line. You can't expect less than great when offering any La Esperanza coffee. That's how we feel on La Esperanza coffee. This coffee is super complex and winey coffee. From the quality of the coffee we can guess the producer has pay great attention and details particularly during drying process. The result reflected beautifully with the complexity of fragrance, aroma and flavours.

We smell winey, rum, concorde grape fragrance and complex berries' aroma. The acidity taste is juicy and body is velvety. During cupping we tasted rum, cacao nibs, winey and complex berries flavours. These types of winey flavours specturm is one of La Esperanza natural process coffee trademark, and we embrace it. Overall Tres Dragones is not for a faint heart coffee lover, it is wild, complex and intense flavours coffee. We suggest you to sharpen your brewing skills before brew it. So you can taste the full potential of Tres Dragones coffee with every ml brewing water.

- Helmi -