<center>LA LERIDA </br>- PACAMARA -</center>
    <center>LA LERIDA </br>- PACAMARA -</center>


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What's Interesting

We have a soft spot for Lerida. It more than just a coffee. For Arkib Kopi, sourcing, roasting, brewing any from Finca La Lerida bring back old good memories. Finca Lerida is well know worldwide for outstanding specialty coffee grade. Founded by retired engineer of Suez Canal Mr Tollef Bache Monnicher, Finca La Lerida has been producing top notch coffee selection by keeping strict SOP and latest coffee processing facilities. This round of selection we are so lucky to source Pacamara Natural. Our head roaster Helmi used this coffee to compete his first Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 3-4 years ago.

The story of Pacamara La Lerida Natural happen 4 years ago. We are into coffee varietal and Geisha was a hot stuff back then and still to nowdays. We bought few fully washed Pacamara from El Salvador and Guatemala and was stunned by juicy and bright of acidity. It is different juiciness compare to Kenya coffee but more toward bright and crisp. But when it come to balance cup we feel the acidity is overpowering other quality. That's when we feel natural process is the answer to tone down the wildness of acidity and make it more structured and balance. All question answered when we got our hands on Pacamara La Lerida Natural process. Say no more fam, just buy this coffee. Let this coffee speak for itself.

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