<center>LA LIA</br>- WHITE HONEY -</center>
    <center>LA LIA</br>- WHITE HONEY -</center>


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What's Interesting

We have a good run of Costa Rica for 2020. From Sin Limites Jose Jaime to De Fuego Anaerobic, we never had a failed to deliver exceptional Costa Rica coffee. Our latest Costa Rica coffee come from micro mill La Lia run by brothers Luis Alberto and Oscar Adolfo Monge. Costa Rica is well known for their honey process. Compare to other region Costa Rica really know how to pulping coffee cherries precisely to leave correct percentage of mucilage. This lead to variant honey process from white, yellow, red, gold and black honey process. These brothers are master in producing honey process. La Lia coffee was a white honey process where 100% of mucilage was taken off during pulping process. Coffee went drying process for another 2-3 weeks until moisture reach 11%.

From our green bean buying experience, we notice typical honey process give you a honey texture with raisin flavors or tropical fruits taste. With honey process, La Lia has sweet citrus flavors that remind us of yellow plum. We just could not get enough of wild honey sweetness and orange jam that make this coffee such a delicious cup of Costa Rica coffee. When it comes to honey process coffee we are still lean toward Costa Rica. Well we think you will be in the same shoes once you have a sip of this coffee.

How To Brew

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